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"Where we started, tells a lot about where we're going."


“Breeders of Top Quality High Scoring South African Boerboels”

Located in Southeast Alabama

SABT Member Number 108842

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     If you are looking for a strong, loving, protective companion you need not look any further. The South African Boerboel is all of that and more.

    The Boerboel is an impressive dog. The quality, look, loyalty and instinct of the Boerboel set him apart in the dog world. Boerboels are intelligent, reliable, and obedient with a strong watchdog instinct. They are self-assured and fearless, yet they are loving, playful and even- tempered. They were bred to be protective without being overly aggressive. They are muscular, strong, athletic and beautiful.

     From the moment that I first laid eyes on a Boerboel I knew I had to own one. And as they say, “the rest is history”. My wife and I acquired our first Boerboel (Kadeya) in the first part of 2009. And then some time thereafter we acquired our second Boerboel (our male Adolf). Adolf was purchased after many hours and days of searching for a top male, the right male that would fit our future plans. We located Adolf in South Africa and purchased him at 18 months of age. With Kadeya and Adolf we felt that we had the right combination and caliber of foundation Boerboels in place and Hidden Creek Boerboels was born.

     On our farm in South Alabama we have raised purebred Beefmaster cattle for several years, and the name of our operation is Hidden Creek Beefmasters.  In the Beefmaster business we have been privileged to produce many outstanding animals that have the prefix Hidden Creek in their name. It is now our desire to  carry that over into the world of Boerboels. We want the name Hidden Creek to become synonymous with top quality Boerboels. That is our goal.

     With Kadeya and Adolf we have been blessed to be able to own two of the top Boerboels in North America, giving us an opportunity to go forward with our dream of breeding and producing some of the top Boerboels in the World. With the wonderful dogs we have been able to acquire we feel quite fortunate and excited as to what the future holds for us and our Boerboels.

     All of our dogs are registered with the South African Boerboel Breeders Association, which is the oldest and largest registry of South African Boerboels in the world.  The SABT is based in South Africa and has the highest standard for the breed. All of our breeding stock is SABT appraised.

     We believe to own a Boerboel is to love a Boerboel and we think everybody should have the opportunity to love a Boerboel!

Give us a call or email us and we’ll talk Boerboels.


Puppies as well as adult dogs have been placed with infants, older children, small dogs, large dogs, and different types of environment and they all adjust very well.

For more information, contact us by e-mail or phone.

At present we have eight grown dogs.  One of our females, Balken Kadeya (Rocking H Kuma x Grasslands Moby), has  SABT score of 92.3 and she was the 3rd ranked female in North American in 2010.  Kadeya was the high scoring Boerboel of the day at the Live Oak Florida appraisal venue in 2010.


Please feel free to contact us anytime:
E-mail: hispreacher@centurytel.net
334-692-4405 (Office)
334-796-0545 (Cell)

Litter Announcement

Puppies born 4/22/15

Female puppy for sale - Pet quality
Caberet KT x Adelprag Baron Bismarck

Male puppy for sale - Breed Quality
Caberet KT x Aldeprag Baron Bismarck

Mother: KT

Sire: Bismarck

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Hidden Creek Boerboels
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334-692-4405 (Office)
334-796-0545 (Cell)
E-mail: hispreacher@centurytel.net

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